Travel Keyring vs Travel Necklace: Which is better?

If you’re a travel fanatic, (or looking for a gift for someone who is) gifts that bring back happy memories of holidays and adventures are the best kind. That’s why travel keyrings and travel necklaces are popular travel souvenirs, but which is better? With a travel keyring, you have your happy travel memories in the palm of your hand, and a travel necklace keeps them close to your heart.

Natural Travel Keyring & Dark Brown Travel Keyring with a Travel Necklace and Engraved Travel Tokens

What are the similarities between a travel keyring and a travel necklace?

Travel keyrings and necklaces are the same – but different. Aside from the fact they both make great travel gifts and mementos for your travels, they’re a unique way to keep all your engraved travel tokens close to you, always.  

  • Both travel keyrings and travel necklaces allow you to collect tokens to commemorate your travels and turn your journeys made into memories cherished
  • Both are easy to use as tokens can simply be added to the keychain as if you were putting a key on a keyring or adding them on to the chain of the necklace
  • Both can fit lots of tokens, so you can keep adding to your travel keyring (up to 50 tokens) or travel necklace (around 15 tokens) with each new adventure you take.

When you’re choosing between a travel keyring and travel necklace, here are a few other points to consider:


Both travel gift choices are well made and durable, but a keyring will get more use day to day in terms of being taken in and out of bags and placed on surfaces. The collectable tokens won’t rust or tarnish as they’re made from stainless steel, so you don’t need to worry about creams or perfumes. It’s really down to personal choice and which you, or the person you’re buying for will prefer.


Which gift you choose may depend on the number of times you’d like to see your token collection. It sounds strange, but with a travel keyring, you’ll see your token collection each time you pick up your keys, put on your backpack, or grab your favourite handbag. Although you may not see a necklace yourself unless you’re looking in a mirror, of course, other people will be sure to notice. You’ll then have the enjoyment of telling them about your necklace and the travel stories behind each token.

Two adults looking over the mountains for the travel keyring vs travel necklace travel blog


The keyring probably wins in terms of practicality. Not only is it a high-quality and thoughtful gift, but it’s useful too. Replacing your old keyring with a new high-quality leather keyring with the bonus of being reminded of treasured memories is truly a gift that keeps on giving. A travel necklace is more of a visual gift that you can appreciate all over again each time you wear it.

Our extensive token collection means you can collect travel tokens for:

  • Countries
  • Cities
  • Mountains
  • National Parks
  • US States
  • Personalised Names, Places, or Dates

Which option is best for kids?

For kids, travel keyrings may work better as although they don’t have car or house keys quite yet, they can make a great accessory to attach to a school bag or travel backpack. Necklaces are great too but for active kids, there may be a higher chance of it getting damaged or lost, whereas a high-quality leather keyring is much more durable and hard-wearing.

The decision of which is better is up to you. It depends on your preferences and when it comes down to it, it’s simply a question of if you’d like a travel keyring or a travel necklace. There is of course a third option, which is to spoil yourself or a loved one with both!

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