Cherish your memories

Remember your travels for years to come with a Journeys Made keychain,
handmade in the UK.

How It Works

Choose tokens

Collect a journey token for every amazing place you’ve visited.

Add to token holder

Choose how you will carry your journey token collection on either a keychain or necklace.

Continue your travels

As you travel to new destinations, continue to add to your Journeys Made collection.

Get your FREE packing checklist!

Download and print off our free packing checklist so you’ll never forget any of those travel essentials again.

We’re Passionate About Travel

Journeys Made helps travel lovers cherish and remember their travel memories, through handmade personalised products.

Our products are here to make people smile. We want people to revisit their travel memories when they look down at their Journeys Made items, and create a talking point to inspire others to see the world.

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