Finalist for Young Businesswoman of the Year: Jade Scammells

On the 10th March 2023, we attended the prestigious Kent Women in Business Awards 2023 ceremony, held at Ashford International Hotel. Our founder, Jade, was a finalist for Young Businesswoman of the Year. Sadly, it wasn’t her year and she didn’t win but to make it as a finalist for this regional award is incredible. Hundreds of nominations were put forward for this award and to make it as a finalist in the Top 8 is pretty impressive.

Jade Scammells of Journeys Made holding Finalist certificate for Young Businesswoman of the Year 2023 at the Kent Women in Business Awards

“I’m so proud to be a finalist for Young Businesswoman of the Year 2023. It was an honour to be in a room full of 300 inspirational women in business and to celebrate the achievements of each and every one. Listening to everyone’s journeys was motivating and really helped me visualise what Journeys Made could be in the future and what my life could be like. It’s very exciting and I’m so grateful to my customers for giving me this opportunity.”, says Jade.

What is KWIBA?

The Kent Women in Business Awards (KWIBA) is an annual event that celebrates the achievements of women in business across the county of Kent in the UK. The awards ceremony recognises the hard work and dedication of female entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals in a variety of industries, from healthcare and education to technology and the arts. The event was first launched in 2015 by the Kent-based networking group, the Women in Business Alliance (WIBA), and has since grown into a highly anticipated occasion for women in the business community. The awards showcase the diversity of talent among women in Kent and provide a platform for them to inspire and support one another. Whether you are a nominee, a sponsor, or a guest, the Kent Women in Business Awards offer an unforgettable experience that celebrates the best of female entrepreneurship and leadership.

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