Cultural Adventures Around the World

Travelling around the world is more accessible than ever before. From a safari over the red dunes of the Sahara Desert to exploring the chill of Antarctica, more of us are in search of a once in a lifetime adventure.

Seeing new places is not just about ticking off a box on your bucket list and getting that perfect selfie. It’s a chance to see the world through a new perspective and immerse yourself in new cultures and experiences.

Break free from the norm and step into a whole new world…

Swap luxury for real homes

Sometimes an all-inclusive break with a spa and pool is just what you need to unwind. But outside the hotel doors there’s a world to discover. Why not swap the luxury comforts of the 5-star resort, and stay the night with a local family. They will welcome you with open arms, showing you their way of life and warm hospitality.

You can find opportunities for a home stay in destinations such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Romania. Where you can learn about local customs, eat home-cooked food and experience the real culture, in a safe environment which will open your eyes to a different way of life.

Understanding different communities will help traditions and cultures stay alive in a world rapidly progressing through technology. It can also enable travellers to remain respectful, helping to preserve history and legacies for future generations.

Help a community

Travelling isn’t just about visiting those iconic landmarks for a photo opportunity. It is the change to contribute to local communities, many whole livelihoods depend on the tourist industry.

By eating in local restaurants, using local tour guides and shopping in local shops, you can gain a more authentic experience. Ensuring that families and residents are reaping the benefits and rewards for their work, helping to boost the economy.

What’s more, using a local tour guide who knows every twist and turn of a city will take you away from the tourist traps. They will guide you through places you didn’t even know existed. They’ll show you the best places to eat, tell stories and introduce you to the people who will make a trip so much more worthwhile.

Discover cuisines

You can eat well in hotels, there’s no doubt about it. From the top chefs creating mouth-watering feasts, to all you can eat buffets that contain cuisines from around the world, but there’s nothing like getting out and experiencing the real food. Enjoy eating the traditional dishes right where they were invented; in the local homes and eateries that brought the flavours of the country to life.

Think, the best tapas in Spain, moreish street food in Thailand or a spicy curry in India. By eating local, you not only keep small family businesses going, you are helping to maintain traditions passed on through generations. Plus, it’s so much more delicious than anything you could have imagined ever before. You might even pick up some tips for your own home cooking adventures, dinner time will never be the same again!

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