From Passports to Keychains: Why the Best Travel Memories Are the Ones You Can Hold in Your Hand

The best way to bottle your precious travel memories and keep them clear in your mind forever is to hold them in your hand.

Remember going through photo albums as a child or putting your favourite holiday snaps in a frame and displaying them around your home? Nowadays, it’s so easy to grab your phone and take a picture or video to remember a moment, but so many of the pictures we take on our phones are never printed out or displayed in frames and photo albums like they used to be.

Sure, we can create digital albums on social media, but there’s something special about holding a memory in your hand. A physical reminder of the cherished memories you made on your travels around the world. That’s the inspiration behind Journeys Made.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
-Saint Augustine

The classic saying that ‘travel broadens the mind’ is certainly true, but we believe it extends so much further than that. It opens your mind and body to new experiences and cultures and feeds the soul in a way that nothing else can.

Collecting Travel Memories

Collecting memories from your travels is done in so many ways. From shot glasses and fridge magnets to scrapbooks and postcards. After Brexit, passport stamping is becoming a more regular occurrence when visiting countries in the Schengen area and it’s also a classic way to look back on your travel.  Although we agree that it’s a great way to look back on your travels, we definitely would not recommend carrying around your passport as a memento from your travel adventures. Other tokens are much more practical (and less expensive to replace!).

Our leather keyrings are designed specifically with your travel memories in mind. Each destination token is a reminder of each place you’ve been and can take you back there in an instant. We want you to revisit your adventures and memories every time you look down at your Journeys Made collection.

Each time you reach for your keys to lock your front door, travel to work or start the car, you can be reminded of the journeys you’ve made and how lucky you are to have had such amazing travel experiences so far. It’s something you can keep adding to as you tick more and more corners of the world off your bucket list.

The Perfect Gift

Travel tokens and keychains also make the perfect gift. Purchasing a keychain is a thoughtful gift for a loved one who shared the experience with you, or to remember an extra special trip. They are also great as a gift for someone who loves to travel and is always planning their next adventure. Each time they travel, you can add a new token to their keychain or necklace to build a collection that they will treasure forever.


We hope that people see the tokens and can begin conversations, reminisce, and perhaps even inspire others to travel and explore what amazing experiences the world has to offer. Take a look at our collection today to turn memories made into tokens treasured.

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Our Journeys Made leather travel keyrings are the perfect way to keep all your travel memories together. Collect a token for each destination you've been to and you've got an ever-lasting reminder of all the adventures and memories you've made along the way.

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