A Guide to Fiji's Islands

It’s no secret that Fiji is a Pacific Island paradise, and the friendly locals and beautiful landscapes only add to the lure of this unique part of the world. There’s uninterrupted bliss at every turn, and with 333 Islands to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s famed as a place to relax and unwind in world-class luxury, but it’s also a place filled with adventure. Whether you’re honeymooning, treating your family, or travelling solo, there’s an island that’s perfect for you. The best part is, you don’t have to stick to just one! Take your Fiji adventure to the next level and island-hop your way around this picture-perfect paradise.

Here’s our guide to finding the perfect island for you:

Enjoy the best of both worlds in Mamanucas

Beach Resort at Mamanucas, Fiji

If you’re looking for an exotic retreat, the dreamy Mamanucas Islands have everything you’re looking for and more. This idyllic collection of 20 islands are surrounded by tranquil lagoons, thriving reefs, and white powdery beaches. This part of Fiji was deemed worthy for Hollywood and was the setting for the iconic Tom Hank’s film Cast Away. There are regular day trips to the remote Monuriki Island, where it was filmed.

Get out there and surf the legendary waves at Cloudbreak, one of the most challenging surfing beaches in the world. Or spend the day hiking through the jungle and discover secret beaches. Unwind and enjoy a lazy afternoon on Cloud 9’s floating bar, drifting idly through the crystal-clear waters. Before you know it, you’ll be on Fiji time – and as the Fijians say, “no hurry, no worries”.

Visit Viti Levu, the gateway to Fiji

Aerial view of lush greenery and beach in Viti Levu in Fiji

Viti Levu is the largest Island in Fiji and is known as the mainland. The dramatic cliffs and thriving towns are the true gateway to Fiji. Viti Levu is the starting point of your unforgettable holiday, where you can leave all your cares behind.

There’s so much to do on Viti Levu, from water parks to the Garden of the Sleeping giant, boredom is not an option! Visit the Sabeto Hot Springs, find a secluded spot on an exclusive beach, or take a private boat tour around the Islands. For those looking for adventure, get a real bird’s eye view of Fiji by skydiving from 10,000ft, take a quad bike through the jungle, or zipline through the treetops. Whatever you choose to do, or not to do – Viti Levu has the best that Fiji has to offer.

Go off the beaten track on Beqa Island

Tawny Nurse Shark at Beqa Lagoon, in Fiji

This island is off the normal tourist track, so if you want to explore somewhere a little different, Beqa Island is a hidden gem that’s less well known. It’s around 6 miles from Viti Levi and is the perfect chance to see Fijian people in an intimate environment. Here you’ll see traditional fire walkers who walk on hot stones during a ceremony, a skill passed down from generation to generation.

This island is known for its excellent diving spots and seeing Manta Rays and Tiger sharks is a day-to-day event. While your there, don’t forget to try the tomatoes, the unique climate here allows them to grow all year round and they’re renowned for their amazing taste.

Time travel on the lush island of Taveuni

Beach and greenery at Taveuni in Fiji

If you’re dreaming of private Island bliss, Taveuni offers a laid back hideaway with lots of private beach nooks to discover, and amazing wildlife to spot. Taveuni is known as the ‘Garden Island’ thanks to its lush green landscape and tropical flower fields. It’s a hiker’s dream, and the Lavena Coastal Walk is a great way to explore the island.

On this Island, you can be in two time zones at once. Place one foot on one side of the international date time, and one on the other, and you’ll be time travelling. Like Dr Who but much more glamorous. The gushing waterfalls are breathtakingly beautiful, and you can even slide down a few of them if you’re feeling brave.

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