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Warm climates, lush landscapes and colourful wildlife. Exotic destinations around the world entice their visitors with an experience like no other.

From the depths of Indonesia to the Caribbean islands, a tropical destination awaits. And you don’t always have to fly across the world to discover true paradise.


Perhaps the epitome of exotic, Bali is a mecca for luxury seekers and backpackers alike. Situated in Indonesia, Bali is the perfect combination of pristine beaches, dense rainforest and fascinating history, attracting millions of visitors each year eager to discover the island’s hidden treasures.

Though it’s easy to kick back and relax, there are unlimited amounts to see and do while visiting Bali. From hiking up Mount Batur in time to witness the glowing sunrise, exploring Uluwatu Temple perched on the rugged cliffside, or discovering ancient temples and its resident macaques in Ubud Monkey Forest, get ready to have some epic adventures on your journey.

Bali offers wide range of locations for the perfect holiday; if you’re travelling on a budget or want to splash the cash, treat yourself to a lodge hidden away in the rainforest for the ultimate serene experience, or head to buzzing Seminyak for clubs, bars and restaurants.


Surrounded by glittering turquoise waters, Mauritius is a jewel in the Indian Ocean. It is around 700 miles off the coast of Madagascar.

The island is a water-lovers paradise. Where scuba diving, dolphin watching and water sports have become part of the island’s everyday life.

Having a history of multiple mixed nationalities inhabiting the island, Mauritius has a lively and colourful culture, welcoming people from all backgrounds into its diverse, multi-lingual and multi-faith way of life. After a day soaking up the sun on the coastline, pay a visit to the bustling capital of Port Louis, where you’ll find French colonial architecture on Le Caudan waterfront, a picture-perfect destination to enjoy a relaxing evening in good company.

Away from the ocean lapping at the pristine beaches, venture inland to the island’s core, where native flora and fauna thrive in its tropical climate. Hidden away in the woodland, discover magical waterfalls and hiking trails that will take your breath away.


Cuba oozes vibrancy and flair, frozen in time from its controversial past, walking the streets of Havana is a little like walking through a museum.

With classic 1950s cards lining the streets and the distinctive smell of cigars, you will be transported into a world that is typical of Cuba’s natural charm.

Cuba’s history and culture makes the country all the more appealing to the rest of the world. Aside from its stunning coastlines and exotic wildlife that call the island home, it’s the people who live there who make the country truly a place worth visiting.

Music is the soul of the Cuban way of life, which is why you’ll find that rhythm follows you wherever you go. In the bars and restaurants where live music is playing, to the locals playing instruments on the street side. Cuba offers a wide range of experiences to choose from. Whether you want to simply relax on the powder white beaches or explore the buzzing capital, the island captures the heart of all who visit – you’ll be planning that return trip as soon as you’re home!

The Azores

Hidden away in the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores are an archipelago of volcanic islands around 900 miles off the coast of Portugal.

The islands are a haven of lush green pastures, deep emerald lakes and blossoming blue hydrangeas. At only around a 4-hour flight from the UK, visitors to the islands can expect mild climates with dramatic coastlines looking over sapphire-blue waters. The Azores have been likened to the Atlantic Ocean’s own version of the famously beautiful Hawaiian islands.

The Azores are a relatively unknown part of the world when it comes to tourism due to its remove location, which is why its unspoiled landscapes are the perfect destination to hike the tranquil island. Mount Pico, the highest point of the archipelago standing proud at around 2,350 metres, is situated on Pico island and towers over the village below. Though the islands aren’t frequented by tourists as much as Portugal’s better-known island, Madeira, the islands boast stunning views and a warm welcome.

The Azores are not short of things to see and do. Visitors to the islands can experience everything from whale and dolphin watching, scuba diving to exploring ancient lava caves at Gruta das Torres.

Fill your days taking in everything that the islands have to offer. Dine on traditional Portuguese cuisine in the busy town of Ponta Delgada. Soak in hot springs or dance the night away to live music in one of its many bars.

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