5 of the Best Sustainable Cities

Do you want to travel to a city that’s forward thinking and eco-friendly? These destinations are re-defining the perception of cities; away from the polluted streets to hi-tech sustainable living with a better quality of life.

Find out which locations are leading the way forward in the fight against climate change.


Unsurprisingly, the capital of Denmark has risen to the challenge to make itself one of the most sustainable cities in the world. In fact, they’re so dedicated to making their country a better place, their ambition is to become the first carbon neutral capital city by 2025. To make this work for locals and tourists alike, the city has invested in cycle highways, bike lanes and transport solutions that have cut congestion down considerably, improving the air quality in the area.


Famous for its impressive solar-powered supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay nature park, Singapore’s efforts to create a sustainable haven for flora and fauna have been a global inspiration. With the idea to create a better quality of life for the residents of Singapore and to cultivate plant species from all over the world. The supertrees are self-sufficient, collecting solar energy in the daytime to create a spectacular illumination by night.

San Francisco

San Francisco has been leading the way in sustainable living in America for some years. With everything from their transportation, recycling and water conservation at the forefront of the efforts. The city aims to be completely waste-free in the near future. Meaning nothing will be sent to the landfill and all household waste will be composted or recycled. Tourists will need to take extra care with what they bring into the city and be mindful of what they leave behind.


Vancouver has been on a mission to become an eco-friendly city for decades. In 1990 it addressed climate change in the ‘Clouds of Change’ report with the aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since then, Vancouver’s goal is to have 100% of its energy from renewable sources, including; the heating of buildings and transport. Many of the city’s residents walk or cycle, with dedicated spaces and barriers to traffic introduced to make it a safer place for all. Plus, is has one of the lowest carbon emissions among the major cities in North America.


Zurich was voted the most sustainable city on the planet in 2016. It has earned its title and reputation through investing in sustainable public transport systems and renewable energy. The city is dedicated to creating a cleaner and more eco-friendly environment. This is done by educating its residents and creating public awareness of the effects of climate change.

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