Northwest Territories Canadian Province Token


Showcase your adventures in Canada with the Northwest Territories token, the perfect addition to your Journeys Made collection.

Each Canadian Province Token is made from the highest quality stainless steel and engraved right here in the UK.

Carry your travel keyring on your backpack, wear your memories around your neck, or gift them to a travel lover.


Take your travel memories with you as you set off on your next adventure. Collect a token for each destination you visit, building your collection and making it completely unique to you!

This token is engraved with ‘Northwest Territories’ so you can look back and remember all those incredible memories you made in Canada.

This compact travel accessory can go with you anywhere in the world, and it won’t rust or tarnish. Simply attach them to a Journeys Made travel keychain the same way you would put keys on a keyring or slide them onto your necklace to carry them close to your heart.

Personalised travel keychains make the best gifts for travellers. What’s more, every purchase from Journeys Made comes ready to gift in our special eco-friendly packaging.


Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 18mm

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