About Us

We’re Passionate About Travel

Welcome to Journeys Made! We love to travel and seeing that you’re here we’re pretty sure you love to travel too.

Journeys Made is here to help travel lovers cherish and remember their travel memories, through handmade personalised products.

Our products are here to make people smile. We want people to revisit their travel memories when they look down at their Journeys Made items, and create a talking point to inspire others to see the world.

Our Company

Journeys Made represents each individual journey in life.

Journeys Made was founded in 2020. The idea for Journeys Made came when we were re-decorating our living room during lockdown, it was then that we realised we had a LOT of travel souvenirs that took up so much space. Jade, an avid crafter, started thinking of effective ways in which they could keep all their travels together and so the Journeys Made travel keychain was created – a light-weight, compact keychain that helps fellow travellers store their memories from around the world.

Not only is the travel keychain a great accessory for travellers but it also makes the perfect travel gift for a loved one. Each keychain is handcrafted from our home in Kent, and is completely unique – after all these are your individual journeys in life!

Whether your collection is on your bag, pocket or in your car, you can easily look back on all the good time you have had.

Meet the Makers

Meet the team who are responsible for keeping Journeys Made running and handcrafting your travel keychains.

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